Support Group Operations Manual

The Support Group Operations Manual clarifies and standardises how Parkinson’s NSW and Support Groups can work together for mutual benefit. It includes guidelines for effective governance and legal compliance, along with all the information, contacts, tips and tools required operate an effective, sustainable Parkinson’s Support Group. This Operations Manual content will be regularly updated.

Main Body Content

  1. Welcome
  2. About the Support Group Manual*
  3. A Guide to Support Group Fundraising*
  4. Leadership & Succession Planning
  5. Recruitment and Retention
  6. Community Outreach
  7. Media Relations
  8. Guidelines to selecting a Patron
  9. Guidelines to selecting a Speaker
  10. Accessing Education


  1. Support Group Guidelines
  2. PNSW Constitution
  3. Support Group Charter
  4. Support Group Participant Form
  5. PNSW Privacy Procedure
  6. Fundraising Guidelines
  7. Conflict of Interest Policy
  8. Support Group Annual Plan Template
  9. Brand & Communications Guide
  10. Hazards Checklist
  11. Fundraising Event Planning Checklist*
  12. Guide to Online Meetings