New medication to quickly reverse ‘off’ time

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6th April 2021
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6th April 2021

New medication to quickly reverse ‘off’ time

New medication to quickly reverse ‘off’ time.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an under-the-tongue dissolvable medication to quickly reverse ‘off’ time when Parkinson’s symptoms return between medication doses.

The medication is called Kynmobi and is a thin-film formulation of apomorphine placed under the tongue. It is meant to be used as needed for ‘off’ time – up to five times per day – in addition to other daily Parkinson’s medications.

For those who experience ‘off’ time, it can come on in different ways and with different symptoms. It can happen suddenly or unexpectedly; gradually, as a wearing off before the next dose is scheduled; or in the morning, before the first dose is taken.

For many people, ‘off’ involves movement symptoms, such as tremor, slowness, or stiffness. For others, it includes non-movement symptoms, such as anxiety or mental fogginess.

Potential benefits may include quick treatment of ‘off’ time (which can offer a bridge until the next dose of scheduled medication kicks in) and the security of knowing a ‘rescue’ is there if needed, which might expand social or exercise opportunities.

Possible side effects could include tongue soreness or swelling, nausea, sleepiness, or dizziness.

In the final step of clinical testing, more than 100 people with Parkinson’s evaluated the drug, finding that it significantly decreased movement symptoms within 30 minutes.

The new medication is produced by U.S. company Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc.