Health Professional

Health Professional

The wide spectrum of symptoms associated with Parkinson’s means that health professionals from various disciplines play an important role in the management of Parkinson’s. Understanding the condition will help you to deliver the best possible care to your client living with Parkinson’s.

General Practitioners Guide

Parkinsons NSW and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) are pleased to announce the release of the ‘General Practitioners Guide to Parkinson’s Disease’ module on RRMEO. This 6 hour online educational course is designed to help GPs address the issues of most concern when confronted with a patient who may have Parkinson’s Disease

The course caters for learners with different levels of knowledge and experience in this area, while also providing flexibility in the way it can be used

Education Sessions

Parkinson’s NSW offers education sessions in your workplace in metropolitan Sydney to help educate staff on how to best care and aid those living with Parkinson’s their famlies and Carers. If you would like to find out more information or book a session please call our InfoLine on 1800 644 189

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Parkinson's Information Sheets

These publications offer insight and up to date information into the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson’s