Fundraising Tips

Keep The Fun In Fundraising!

Plan to do something that you like or are already involved in. Maybe it’s a social or sporting activity that you may with your social network. It could be a family night of board games, or a personal challenge like giving up sugar for a month. Make sure you keep it within your capabilities. We want you to have FUN! If you’re looking for inspiration check out fundraising examples here.

Get Online

Online fundraising is the quickest, easiest and safest way to Pitch in for Parkinson’s. Within minutes you’ll have your very own website to share – no need to handle money, deposit fund or keep financial records. And better yet, your friends who Pitch in for Parkinson’s through your page automatically receive a tax deductable receipt to their email.

Set A Fundraising Goal

By setting a realistic goal and sharing it, you will give your friends a sense of how much they could donate to help you.

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In This Together

Involve and invite your close network of people around you. Why? Because they care about what you care about. They could be you family, friends, work colleagues, school friends or mates at the gym.

Tell Your Story

When asking someone to Pitch In to your fundraiser or inviting them to your event, tell them why you are doing this. Why does this mean so much to you? Tell your personal story. They will connect more with your passion rather than dry facts and statistics (but if you want some, they are below for your use)

Share Your Story

There are many ways to invite people to your Pitch in for Parkinson’s:

  • Share your online fundraising page on your Facebook page or via Twitter
  • Send an email
  • Send a text
  • Download and print the Pitch In for Parkinson’s’ invitation.
  • Download and print the Pitch In for Parkinson’s posters and post them around your workplace, school or sports club.
  • Create a Facebook event.
  • Go live on Facebook or Instagram and tell your story.
  • Use the downloaded Facebook profile picture or cover.

Remind Everyone

In this busy world people may have all the intention of Pitching In but then completely forget about it. Make sure you send out a reminder to those who haven’t responded yet. It’s a great opportunity to tell them how your fundraising is going so far and what’s needed to help you meet your goal.

Give Updates

Regularly give updates on your fundraising progress. It will keep everyone exited about your fundraiser.

Thanks Mate!

Say thank you to everyone who is getting involved and who Pitches In. They will really appreciate that you took to the time to say it.

At the end of your fundraiser, use the downloadable thank you cards and write to all your supporters letting them know how successful your fundraiser was and you couldn’t have done it without them.

Online Fundraising Tips

  • Upload a profile picture – Fundraisers who upload a profile photo raise over 10 times more on average than fundraisers who don’t.
  • Add your own story – People want to hear what’s motivating you to fundraise. Share your story so they can understand why supporting Parkinson’s NSW is so important to you.
  • Lead by example – Show your commitment and make the first donation to your own page. Fundraisers who donate to their own page raise 120% more on average.
  • Share, share and share again. Notice how its hard to find that post you were looking at yesterday? Post and tweet at different times of the day to make sure you keep your fundraiser front and centre for your friends. Top fundraisers share their page at least 10 times.
  • Thank your supporters. Tag them on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and shoot them through a quick text or give them a call. They’ll appreciate it.

Australian Parkinson’s Statistics

  • In Australia, Parkinson’s is more common than breast, prostate, colorectal, stomach, liver, pancreatic, kidney, bladder, uterine, cervical, ovarian and lung cancer. Also, lymphoma and leukaemia.
  • Less than 10 percent of Parkinson’s NSW funding comes from government.
  • On average, 37 people are diagnosed every day
  • Of the 82,000 people living with Parkinson’s around 18 percent are of working age.