Building your digital skills

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5th April 2021
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5th April 2021

Building your digital skills


Leep is a not-for-profit organisation that works to enable people to use technology in an increasingly digital world.

Its focus is on building digital skills and confidence, and its goal is to narrow the digital divide and reduce social and economic exclusion.

The organisation runs a range of digital inclusion projects including a growing network of digital mentoring programs, where people can access one-on-one assistance to improve their digital literacy.

Leep can connect you with a highly skilled and patient volunteer ‘Tech Mate’ who can support you to access this service and keep you connected to family and friends.

Due to COVID-19, Leep is mainly offering support via phone or video chat. In safe and supported areas, ‘Tech Mates’ and learners can meet at a mutually agreed location.

This support is free to those seeking to use Leep’s services.

To book in or enquire about a program contact Leep on 1300 163 106.