21 Meeting

Parkinson's NSW Limited
2021 Annual General Meeting

Date:     Friday 26 November 2021

Time:     9.00am – 10.30am (AEDT)

Place:     Online


  1.   Welcome and Introductions
  2.   Apologies
  3.   Review of actions from previous Annual General Meeting
  4.   Acceptance of minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
  5.   President Report
  6.   CEO Report
  7.   Financial Report
  8.   Questions from membership to Directors
  9.   Resolutions put to the Meeting
  10.   Re-appointment of Auditors
  11.   Confirmation of resolutions
  12.   Acknowledgment of outgoing Director & Immediate Past President
  13.   Meeting close


Director Candidate Profiles

Mr Steve Schiemer

Stephen Schiemer was first elected to the Board of Parkinson’s NSW in October 2018. He is a fitness instructor and entrepreneur who has been living with Parkinson’s for the past eight years.

In addition to experiencing Parkinson’s himself, Stephen runs tailored fitness programs for other people living with the disease.

He has a Bachelor of Business degree and 30 years of experience in running his own businesses, including finance, risk management, logistics, people management, training, and digital marketing.

“I have been on the Board of Parkinson’s NSW for the past three years and would like to have the opportunity to contribute for another three-year term”

“I continue to have a strong personal belief in the Mission and Purpose of Parkinson’s NSW. During my past term on the Board, I have helped and watched this organisation grow due to the forward-thinking management team.

“I am living with Parkinson’s and have benefited from the services of the organisation through the InfoLine, Education and the PD Fit exercise initiative. I will continue to advocate for people living with Parkinson’s and their carers to use these valuable and expanding services. I also will continue to fundraise for essential services, and continue to raise awareness of Parkinson’s in order to obtain ongoing government funding.

“During my term on the Board, I have been an active member of the Finance, Risk & Audit Committee and also served as a Director of Australian Parkinson’s Alliance  (Parkinson’s NSW Trust), attending all meetings. These bodies evaluate the financial  and other risks of both Parkinson’s NSW and the Trust. I have witnessed their continued growth over the past three years.

“I am a natural leader who is also willing to work as part of a team to achieve the targets set by the Board of Parkinson’s NSW. I would have no hesitation in undertaking ongoing skills development in order to continue to work at the highest level of professionalism for Parkinson’s NSW.”

Stephen Schiemer

The Hon. John Watkins AM

The Hon. John Watkins AM was appointed to the Board of Parkinson’s NSW in August 2021.

John has had a rewarding and successful career with extensive experience in senior leadership roles including Deputy Premier of NSW, Minister, CEO, University Chancellor, Board Director and Chair.

John was CEO of Alzheimer’s Australia NSW for nine years retiring from that position in October 2017.

John graduated in Arts and Law from the University of NSW. He also holds a Master of Arts from Macquarie University and a Diploma of Education from Sydney Teachers College. He worked as a teacher for 16 years until his election to Parliament in 1995.

“Generating income has been central to my career as a politician, CEO and Board Director. I recently organised a fund of $375,000 for COVID-19 medications for Papua New Guinea.

“I have undertaken lobbying for extra funding for extra funding of a range of services and advocacy for people living with dementia and social needs.

“I have been responsible for budgets of up to several billion dollars when in Government and at Calvary Health Care. I also have extensive Board experience with not-for-profit organisations.

“I have been living with Parkinson’s since 2010.”

John Watkins AM